In with the new

One of the things that I’ve been working on is reframing, or changing my expectations and my mindset, to be a more flexible, adaptable person. For someone my age, this is hard, but thankfully it’s getting easier with the help of a few daily practices and some reading material (link, link, and link).

Daniel Pink’s book was recommended to me by the incomparable Gerry Laybourne. It had been on my to-read list for a while but it got buried beneath a bunch of other books about poverty and trafficking. Needless to say, it was a welcome and refreshing read in comparison. I’m most of the way through it, and will be tackling the exercises soon. Lots of good stuff there.

Christine (my BFF and all around kick-ass broad) recommended Carol Dweck’s book, and there are some golden items in here. The friend who recommended it to her said that it was required reading for all teachers at her institution, so that’s what sparked my interest. As an aside, Christine is a phenomenal writer and if you are at all interested in art – and especially if you are curious about contemporary middle eastern art – you should check out her site. It’s terrific.

Max Daniels, one of my Boston friends and a swell person, recommended Martha Beck’s book to me, and to my friend Sooz. I just picked it up and have barely gotten into it, but I’m finding some words of wisdom and a lot of inspiration/affirmation there. Reading it makes me feel as if I am doing the right thing, going out on my own to create the life I want, and right now I need all the positive reinforcement I can get.

Other things I’m doing to get ready to leap:

  • Editing a bunch of stuff from my apartment. Eliminating clutter. BIG TIME.
  • Organizing my work space. Making it usable, inspiring, and beautiful.
  • Updating my web site (obvs), contacts, and setting up all the forms and documents I’ll need to get started.
  • Taking time to breathe, to feed myself, and enjoy the quiet moments when I find them.
  • Setting goals for myself. Monthly, and year-end at this point. More to come.

Here are a few pics of my workspace. I’m digging it. First pic: My desk & sewing area. Ikea butcher block countertop mounted on desk frame (this is awesome). My TEDxNE badge hanging from the lamp is a great reminder of a personal goal (to speak at a TED conference). Second: GIVE | GIVE nerve center. Plus Surly & ANT (my bikes).



In general, I feel good. I’ve had many productive conversations with close friends whose opinions I value, and have several more of those scheduled. I’m networking some, but plan to do more of that once I’ve taken a vacation, and I’m doing what I need to do to finish up at my job. I’m actually sad to leave my job, so it’s been difficult to do more than plug away at tasks against a ticking clock. Need to work on that.

Anyway. Lots to do. Feeling good. Looking forward to looking back, as OtR says….


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  1. jank says:

    Love the workspace, and double plus love the garage.

    • Annalisa says:

      I have a shed out back, but both bikes happened to be in the house today. Usually there is only one in here.

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